Despite the fact that Yani and Pepo may have appeared like complete opposites, the two of them were inseparable and could never have been closer

Yani, on the other hand, would have preferred not to say goodbye to Pepo when he died last month.

Furthermore, even though the rescue pittie pup was only six months old when he first met the Chihuahua-mix, the connection between them was immediate.

Yani was a big fan of her older brother, and the two canines had a lot of fun together.

She would cry if she noticed he was around, even though she wasn’t in the same place as him.In any event, Pepo’s health began to deteriorate as he grew older.

Yani seemed to be able to sense when Pepo was in pain and was willing to do whatever to alleviate his suffering.

Pepo walked to Karlsson’s father’s grave beneath a pepo tree 30 minutes before the vet was scheduled to arrive from his bed in the shade.

He may have informed his loved ones that he was ready. Yani made her way to Pepo’s side as soon as he had taken his last breath.

The dog seemed to be snoozing more comfortably than he had in a long time, making him appear calm and relaxed.

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