Despite being informed she was «too old» for a dog, Grandma nevertheless got the cutest present ever from her grandson

76 years old is how old Alina’s grandma is, and her grandpa is even older. They’ve always had a dog, and it’s been a big part of their life.

The lady debated adopting an animal friend for quite some time.

Alina’s grandmother was told she was too elderly to care for a young puppy, so every shelter she tried to get a dog from turned her down. Grandma couldn’t believe it.

The kid didn’t give up her hunt, and that was a good thing since she eventually found what she was looking for.

There was a puppy that she found! As she browsed her social media, she saw a post from a guy trying to find a good home for his cat.

Once the dog’s owner found out that the elderly couple wanted a dog, he immediately gave his blessing.

Grandpa accompanied the girl’s dad to go acquire the new family member. The old lady’s expression of joy was that of a child.

Although several people discounted the girl’s grandparents as potential puppy parents due to their advanced age, she insisted that the dog couldn’t be with better people. How adorable! Do you have any thoughts?

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