Cute dog Manga is still enamored with the green dragon she previously held as a puppy. Manga is not alone

It was June 2018 when Melania Hawke decided to have a dog.

When the breeder told the dog’s future owner about the pup’s birth, she purchased an internet soft toy in the form of a green dragon, much like the movie’s hero.

Even those who don’t believe in dragons will be affected by the account of a little boy’s unexpected encounter with an actual one in the woods.

The puppy made a new companion, and she has refused to give her up, even as she has grown to be a giant adult dog.

Melania claims to have a vivacious, independent, and energetic dog. When she’s on the road in the mountains, she always takes her dog with her.

In her free time, she likes lengthy walks and wants to participate in her owner’s hobbies.

Nonetheless, when Manga is near her dragon, she morphs into a little puppy once more.

Melania documented her sensitive relationship with a cat and a toy from the day she was born. Things are different now that she’s around. ‘We are very connected.’

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