Cupcake, the internet-famous pink pug with blue eyes, is a rare find

The pug’s classic excellent features and charming demeanor make him a favorite subject for decorative art.

The pups that came all the way from China are adorable and would make wonderful pets; they seem more like fluffy toys than anything else.

While there are many gorgeous pugs owned by noble people, none of them are as charming as our present, everyday lady called Marla.

Three years ago, a lady from London hit the jackpot after meeting a friendly 6-week-old dog covered in a strawberry ice cream coat. They hit it off right away!

Marla recognized her favorite cupcake, despite its obvious resemblance to cotton candy.

Anyhow, the pink baby’s owner provides a pampered existence complete with regular showers, a wardrobe of fashionable duds, and plenty of opportunities to pose for pictures.

The adorable pink tyke has his own Instagram feed, which more than 110,000 people regularly follow.

As if that weren’t enough, he constantly provides his fans with more media to enjoy.

Cupcake is sometimes misidentified as an albino, however this is incorrect. Look at the color of his eyes; they are turquoise. Albinos are immune to such occurrences.

Now, thanks to this «funny of nature,» we may marvel at the altruism of others in a way that has never been possible before!

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