Cockroaches: Facts you didn’t know

Seeing a cockroach on the floor or on a wall may cause many people to feel disgusted.

At regular intervals, cockroaches exude a choking odor. Twenty percent of the methane released into the atmosphere comes from insect excrement.

It’s impossible for a cockroach to turn when lying on its back, even on a flat surface. Leaves, grass, twigs, or stones may help it stay firm and rotate well if it falls to the ground.

The term «cucaracha» is derived from the Spanish word for cockroach. Cockroaches were given the term «siphoned» in English from the beginning of the seventeenth century.

The whistler cockroach is a particular species of cockroach. Whistling wildly, he advances as if to scream: «Make space, make room! «.

Cockroaches are able to survive in the absence of a head.

Because they don’t use their noses like humans and other animals and bugs, they inhale using all of their cells.

Because bugs don’t rely on blood, they don’t put any load on the body. Without a head, cockroaches may survive for some time in peace.

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