Carrots and dogs were the primary sources of food for zookeepers in Ukraine

As a result of the event, two Ukrainian employees remained behind to deal with the creatures.

The ‘bright and valiant’ boys were found by Ukrainian forces carrying cans of dog food and carrots, according to Alex.

In order to save the animals in the park’s devastated condition, workers and volunteers are putting their lives on the line.

‘They clung to the pillars of management.’ They were one of the few individuals who didn’t abandon the animals they cared for after the fight.’

They had not been seen in public for over a month at this point. Kremlin forces were making an effort to advance into the northeast.

In spite of this, Russia sought to transfer unique capabilities and saboteurs who were seeking to hang onto important objectives, including Kyiv, at the commencement of the invasion.

On March 7, we went to the Ecopark but were unable to locate them.

We spent a long time hunting for them, along with police officials. We were certain to the very end that nothing was damaged beyond repair and that they could get by.

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