But since she couldn’t take him home with her, the shelter cat started cuddling a stranger who was passing by

Adopting from a shelter is something that married couples undertake on a regular basis. An enormous cat with wide-open eyes followed the girl everywhere she went as she walked.

When the staff unlocked the cage, the cat sprang out and nuzzled the girl’s snout in the collar, refusing to let her go.

She wanted to touch the cat.

I was at a shelter for less than a month with a cat. Returned by previous owners who said he didn’t get along with other pets or their house.

The girl called him Sticky because of the way he clung to her.

It’s a shame she couldn’t take him in since her current feline companion wouldn’t get along with him.

Even so, she couldn’t help but be worried for his well-being, so she set out to find him a home.

Sticky, on the other hand, was swiftly adopted by a loving family as a result of her social media efforts.

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