Bobbie, the Wonder Dog, travelled nearly 3,000 miles back to his home after being lost

Many people are aware of the Collie’s renowned loyalty. These canines are very devoted to their human families and love making new friends.

And this is why dogs are willing to endure tens of thousands of kilometres, starvation, and subzero temperatures only to go back to their families. The year is the roaring twenties, and this tale is set there.

Bobbie, the dog, was a member of an Oregon family. His folks brought him with them when they visited distant relatives in another state.

On one of these excursions, Bobbie was frightened away by a band of strays and had to make a quick getaway.

It took the family a while to find a pet. They inquired among the populace, put up advertisements, and set out to look. But, unfortunately, it was to no use.

The owners are so heartbroken that they no longer have any expectation of ever seeing Bobbie again. But the odds were against it.

His dog showed up at his door on one of the days in February. That he travelled three thousand kilometres is incredible.

The widespread attention this tale received undoubtedly aided in the discovery of Bobbie and his owners’ miraculous recovery. They took in a lost puppy and sent letters to the family about it.

The dog’s health was severely compromised by the long trip. A few years later, he went across the rainbow bridge.

Although, this Oregon incident is still spoken about today. A monument of him and an entire wall covered with images depicting his voyage stand in his hometown.

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