Bear mother presents her new friend to her cubs

They bonded intensely with the bear. There are many black bears in this area; some have even been tamed.

The number of reported bear sightings in Asheville, North Carolina, has grown, and the bears are often seen in urban settings.

It’s safe to say that at the end of 2017, Patrick Conley’s bear guests felt as welcome as members of his own family.In this video, Patrick’s bear, Simone, provides a warm greeting. Patrick was really blown away by her performance.

Even though Patrick is obviously partial, he thinks the cubs are the cutest creatures in the forest. The cubs are like new brothers to Patrick and Simone because of how well they get along.

Simone and the cubs feel at peace enough to play on the veranda.

To his astonishment, Patrick opens the door to see three bears waiting for him. Seeing an animal act so kindly melts my heart. The bears go off the porch and into the woods, where they immediately climb a tree.

Bear pups are climbing a tree as their mother bear looks on. Simone calls her pups in for the night after they’ve spent the day sniffing about, scaling walls, and generally having a blast. They have reunited in the woods.

Simone, according to Patrick, has been adequately nourished, and they plan to return shortly.

Reading about Patrick’s run-in with a bear is like being there as it happened; it’s incredible. Maté has three bears, and he has named them Maurice, Solange, and Simone.

To help us choose a name for the twins, we need your input. Wow, look at all the wildlife in that photo!

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