Be there for this adorable rescue dog that will never see his new family again

Alex felt like he had finally found a family after more than a year with the organization.

When the Staffordshire terrier mix met potential adopters on Tuesday night, it put on a terrific performance. To top it all off, before the meet-and-welcome, the family had applied and interacted with members of the cover staff.

There’s no use in putting it off any longer.Alex had finally come to terms with the fact that his day was coming to an end.

From an overcrowded rural hiding, he came in April of this year.Everyone immediately fell in love with the 4-year-old dog.

His favorite pastime is getting together with friends and being the center of attention.

In the end, the only thing Alex cares about is being loved and being given the best life possible, regardless of whether his new home contains any cats or not.

The shelter personnel knew exactly who was waiting for him, and it was painful to watch him lose hope.

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