Aw, those kind women Amy Evans decides to build a cemetery for dogs so the animals there may live their last days in comfort

Dogs have always had the reputation of being man’s closest friend, and this sentiment persists today. You can count on their being individuals around who will help you out whenever you need it.

The love they have for their owners is palpable. The majority of shelter animals are there because their owners no longer want them.

Amy Evans took action after seeing widespread indifference for older dogs. She opened a hospice in Nottingham for pets in need of a loving home during their last days of life.

She usually saves children form organizations that are trying to provide for them. Here, almost every dog has been abandoned by its former owner and must fend by itself.

When Amy decides to get a dog, she shells out about $900.

Even though she forgets their real birthdays every year, she nevertheless celebrates with them every year.

She’s quite kind, and she offers to take them to the beach so they can have fish and chips and ice cream.

As an alternative, they often visit a neighborhood tavern for dinner. Amy has given these geriatric dogs a second chance at experiencing love and happiness.

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