As three Chihuahuas, they’re on the hunt for a new house

As soon as the salvage place hunted down the bandmates, they took them in as their new residents.

It’s taken months for the personnel at the refuge to earn the confidence of the threesome, who were unhappy when they first arrived.

A lot more confident and sensitive, yet their love for one other hasn’t altered. Chitae, Dana, and Mike are inseparable and can’t stand to be apart.

Now that they’ve been reinforced, their heroes believe they’re the perfect place to settle down and raise a family together.

There has been a lot of interest in the triplets up to this point, but the haven hasn’t had the opportunity to locate their perfect match at this time.

According to their legends, they are vivacious characters in search of a family that can meet all of their unique needs.

Who knows where the right family is to take on all three of them.

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