As the abusers attempted to beat him again, she shielded his body with her own

The protagonist of this tale is a helpless puppy that meets a horrible end. A woman overheard his cries and went to give him shelter.

She then sought assistance from a local animal shelter by dialing their number. Before the gang arrived, the dog was in danger because the ausers had returned to try to devour her.

The guys hit her for trying to defend the dog, but she didn’t mind. However, the rescue team quickly came and carried him to safety.

The dog, whose name was Souki, attempted to ‘ite the rescuers because he was confused by the situation.

The rescuers gave Souki tranquilizers and painkillers so he could rest comfortably until the vet could inspect him the following day.

It was quite difficult to inspect him, but the vet managed. When he was too frightened and afraid to eat, they attempted to feed him nonetheless.

Day by day, Souki came to realize that he was surrounded by excellent individuals who wanted to help him. As time went on, he became used to being petted. A kind lady who cares for him nurtured him as well.

His therapy began, and in about two months he was completely well. He’ll be able to enjoy himself immensely in his new foster home. Finally, a happy resolution!

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