As soon as the giraffe sees a rabbit, he brings it back to his den

Ayesha Cantor is the proud owner of the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Brisbane, Australia. Aside from lions, the safari park is home to animals such as rhinos, zebras, and antelope.

The park is a great place to see animals in its natural habitat. An encounter with a sunset giraffe brought Ayesha and her daughter Tammary to their knees.

Ayesha photographed several animals. Despite her best efforts, she failed to notice the giraffe peering between its legs.

After following his gaze, Ayesha and Tammary came upon a white and black rabbit. It was a shock to Ayesha to see a bunny curled up between the giraffe’s legs.

Nobody knows how a pet rabbit ended up in a park full with wild animals. According to Ayesha, he had fled a farm across the street. If that’s the case, he’s lucky to have evaded predators.

For 45 minutes, Ayesha and Tammary were observing the creatures. The giraffe’s movement was meant to scare the rabbit away.

In spite of the grass being crushed, a rabbit remained in its hole. When the giraffe scented the rabbit, it didn’t run away.

In the blink of an eye, it looked as if the rabbit was about to be crushed to death. He was kind and didn’t injure him in the least. Fear has nothing on the bunny.

It was becoming darker when Ayesha and her toddler managed to flee. The giraffe and rabbit stayed in the same position after they had departed. It was odd.

A pet rabbit that had no prior knowledge of survival in a park full of jackals and caracals was able to make it out alive. It’s possible that the giraffe protected him.

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