As soon as Goose was rescued, he never left his rescuer’s side

Whenever the topic of our animal friends’ devotion is broached, canines are the first to spring to mind. The hero of our story, though, is as reliable as a dog.

Meet Bucky, the goose who follows her human friend around like a genuine pet.It’s fantastic how close they are as friends.

Michael wanted to take advantage of the wonderful day by going out on his boat, but while doing so, he stumbled across something in the water that clearly required assistance right away.

She discovered a baby gosling that its mother had abandoned. Michael was the one to rescue the animal and bring it into his own house.

That was the first day he began looking after Bucky, the adorable gosling.

Because Michael was such a good friend to her, she apparently developed unhealthy feelings for him.

Bucky is now doing anything her father asks her to do. They’re the best of friends and never leave one other’s sides.

Bucky is a loyal companion that enjoys watching television with her master. More than 130,000 people follow Bucky on social media.

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