As long as he was alone, the dog would not allow it to happen

Because of a dog’s empathetic nature, it is able to provide comfort to the colt. It wasn’t long after he was born that his mother died of natural causes.

Dogs seldom demonstrate concern for other animals, so farm workers were surprised to see this kind of bond form between an animal and its canine companion.

Zipper was rescued as a puppy and has lived on the family farm ever since. As far as taking care of other animals goes, Zipper isn’t renowned to be the most hospitable canine.

A few months ago it was discovered that Zipper is in reality the friendliest canine you’ll ever meet.

He astonished everyone with this revelation.

According to Zipper’s owner, «Continually we raise foals, and he’d peep out the door and just gaze at them.» We were informed that «he was a particularly curious animal.»

While the foal slept in the alley, «he stayed with me in my barn throughout the night, while the foal rested next to the foal.»

Zipper was clearly aware that something was up with the night’s events, and his demeanor reflected it.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and what they were experiencing when they discovered that Zipper slept next to his companion every night.

A few years later, when she was a full-fledged horse, the dog was the one who pushed her to keep going.

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