As if it were the dog’s natural child, a baby animal began to follow its new family around

Sometimes animals appear to people on their own, as if they’ve suddenly discovered they may be of use to the human race.

They were out on a walk with their dog when the Caballero family from the United States saw that he was being chased by a little black ball.

As expected, the Caballero family, originally from Arizona in the United States, was out walking their dog, Olive.

The business owners looked more closely and realized it was a little fox. A young woman, hardly more than around 20 centimeters in length, she easily fit in the palm of your hand.

After further investigation, the family learned that the girl was only a month and a half old at the time. Baby followed them inside the house.

As a result of being very dehydrated, she required much alone time spent aimlessly wandering.

The kind guest was confined to a little space. The kids even named him; they call him Foxy.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time sly foxes have been seen in the region. The family witnessed a swarm of them near their nursery last year. Little foxes often lack the bravery to approach humans.

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