As bad as it has been called, just two months have passed since this Zoo’s lone tiger underwent rehabilitation

This Gaza Zoo, which was used to keep him, has been dubbed the «worst» ever by the rescue group that brought him out of there in 2016.

Only Laziz remained in the zoo after all the other tigers had vanished. The sight of dead animals in cages at the Gaza Zoo is a harrowing experience.

The zoo was extensively damaged during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After the attack, there was no money to feed the animals.

The plight of the zoo was brought to the attention of the general public in 2014. Four Paws Society members rescued Laziz from a South African animal shelter in 2016 and brought him to LionsRock.

Laziz was able to wander and even swim in the sanctuary’s lake in his large, private cage. It was like entering a new universe of freedom for a tiger nurtured in a cage.

At the Gaza Zoo, Laziz lived alongside a tigress. She had no one to turn to for help. Volunteers in Laziz found the tiger’s bones.

Laziz’s life was saved thanks to the efforts of volunteers.The majority of the sanctuary’s 18 tigers are Syrian refugees.

The tigers in this area are well-fed. Laziz’s weight gain and sideburns have been going on for a year now.

He is, nonetheless, lucky to be alive despite his trauma-related problems. As one of the few tigers to have survived his exploits, Laziz is a true rarity. He’s in excellent shape, according to the vet.

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