Approximately $19,000 was spent on apparel for the owner’s two canine companions

Sheila Odden, a 46-year-old American, has bought more than 600 items of clothing for her Yorkshire Terriers.

The woman spent almost $19,000 on Sammy, age 5, and Maddie, age 4, to provide them with a luxurious wardrobe.

Sheila proudly proclaims, «These dogs are my babies.» They have a separate bedroom and change facilities, but they always end up sleeping on my bed instead.

I take them with me everywhere. I would never allow them to wear the same outfit again if we were going to an event where I knew there would be a picture session.

«I don’t wear them while they’re at home, unless it’s a severe cold day,» Sheila says.

«But as I remove their clothes, they are instantly happy and start wagging their tails.

As we leave, they act completely differently, as if they’ve learned we’re going somewhere and are plotting to cause trouble, as Sheila puts it.

When seen by strangers, trendy dogs often become the center of attention. Sheila claims that curious onlookers regularly peer into her carriage and then speculate that she must be crazy.

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