Animal-loving photographer’s self-portraits are hilarious

Which of your animals do you think should be the first to accept selfies? Even waterbirds will have to compete for the affections of self-representation enthusiasts, soft, padded and feathered alike.

Irishman Allan Dixon. For the first time in his whole life, he made a decision to completely change himself and began to aid animals in any way he could.

The Gоld оast is where Allan is now residing. You may find it just south of Brisbane in Australia.

For him, photography is a way to express oneself, and he’s always on the lookout for new experiences.

Allan spends anything from 5 minutes to 3 hours taking a selfie, depending on the desire of each species and the degree of faith they have in Allan.

Selfie of Allan with a grinning quokka that has gone viral on the internet.

Currently, he has 1,666 photos and 534,000 followers on Instagram. Among the creatures featured in his selfies are kangaroos, quokkas, camels, ocean lions, llamas, and more.

«Creature charmer» is what Allаn refers to himself as. In addition, he called himself by this moniker, which is very appropriate.

You should move confidently if you want to capture a picture of a grinning beast.

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