An very klepto Chihuahua has been captured with a haul of stolen goods from a variety of different animals

Hundreds of other people’s toys were found in the yard of Courtney Lyle, a 34-year-old Texas woman, by accident.

In front of her, Frank, her three-year-old chihuahua, was simply a good guy, stealing the food and treats from the gullible dogs next door.

It’s impossible to say how much longer things would have lasted if Courtney hadn’t decided to mow the lawn and discovered her pet’s secret life.

Toys were strewn across the filthy pool, shrubs, and even an oak tree’s trunk. For the family’s records, the clearly distressed woman decided to take a photo of Frank in front of a big collection of physical evidence.

As for this cunning one, instead of apologizing for his actions, he snarled an arrogant smile. People were shocked to see such an outburst from Frank, a Chihuahua who is a service dog for a German Shepherd named George.

The Labrador Gary is also a buddy of his, and they get along quite well. He was able to grab toys from his «brothers» despite the fact that they were brothers.

Courtney had no clue where they’d disappeared to for months! On Facebook, the woman shared a photo of Frank smiling broadly in front of a pile of cash.

Those who saw the picture of the dog’s actions were amused and asked Courtney not to punish it too severely.

You can tell how pleased he is of his job as he stands there with the results of his labor: «See this smile? The implication is that he is aware of the fact that you have no evidence to back up your assertions.

Are you not going to take this to court? They put pen to paper.

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