An orphaned gorilla yearns to be cuddled by her newfound protector

Volunteers at a Cameroonian wildlife reserve filmed the moving footage. The newborn gorilla, abandoned by its mother, grasped the hands of its dedicated carer in a passionate hug.

In this baby’s eyes, there is so much love and thankfulness. Newly-arrived baby gorilla Bobga has arrived at the Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon.

She miraculously managed to save her baby when she was abducted by individuals claiming to be wildlife traffickers.

Our mission is to help those who have been victims of unlawful fraudsters and animal dealers, to teach people how to protect the environment, and to provide new employment for those who have given up hunting.

The reserve’s coordinator, Alvin Muma, captured this image of infant Bobga being held in his arms.

This is a very dangerous moment for Bobga, as with all other animals.According to the event’s organizer, it’s vital that lonely infant Bobga feels safe.

Bobga’s appeal to zoo visitors is understandable. A cub spends a lot of time foraging, socializing, climbing trees, and grooming itself.

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