An odd-eyed kitten has matured into a beautiful adult cat

It was a white cat with two little dots on his forehead; he was called Garry; he was born in 2015. He was born with two beautiful imperfections on his forehead that seem like they were always there.

They slant downward and are fashioned to suggest that he is always worried and fretful. Incredulous, the cat gazed at the dots that may as well have been brows.

Sam, the cat’s current owner, couldn’t resist the cute tiny creature and cuddled him despite the pressure of the cat’s eyebrows.

Garry’s eyebrows grew in size and expression as he did so.

It was impossible to look at Garry and not think, «My goodness, what a handsome cat he is! His face is really wonderful.»

Bolton, England is home for Garry and his masters.

When the kitten turns his head to the side, his eyebrows seem perfect. When Garry asks his family for food, no one can deny that phrase.

He’s going to be 2 years old this year, and he’s already a fully grown, gorgeous kitten.

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