An emotional firefighter breaks down in tears as a small child presents him with a message at the firehouse

One youthful visitor changed the course of history for many firefighters.

The fire captain and his guys were brought to tears when a little boy presented them with a card that included a heartfelt request.

Actually, no one could have foreseen it happening.

Jack was approached by a little boy who made a special request of which he had to do some inquiries. Jack often had energized children who relied on him to come see the fire truck.

But it didn’t take long for him to figure out that this particular child’s #1 priority was something else than the norm.

John confided in Jack his undying admiration for the firefighting community.

John wore pants and a t-shirt but also a firefighter’s jacket. John’s passion for his career as a fireman shone through, and it was apparent that he intended for this action to endear John to Jim.

Jack enquired of John’s mom about her son’s firefighting enthusiasm. Sarah let Jack know that her fireman partner was a member of the FD.

John had spent many an afternoon with his father in the firehouse, and he had grown up hearing tales of the heroic efforts of firemen.

This made Jim feel close to them since it made him reflect about his own family.

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