An elderly shelter dog is adopted into a loving family

Shelter dogs all desire a loving home. Some dogs receive what they want right away, while others have to wait for months or even years to acquire what they want.

Almost two years later, a beautiful dog sat at the shelter, watching other animals go. So she sat and hoped.

A lot of Janice’s life was spent in a shelter. To help her, the shelter searched for a new home. Two years later, Janice became the shelter’s longest-serving resident. There were no future-owners meetings.

Janice was devastated when people walked by her and took other dogs. The shelter workers were stumped as to why no one was interested in adopting the canine.

Then then, maybe cats aren’t for her? Or her inaction. There was a lack of appreciation for her attractiveness among the potential buyers.

Janice isn’t a squatter, and she doesn’t demand attention. Then she takes a sleep after requiring some attention. Aside from her toys and bed, she was really fond of them.

After two years, the staff at the shelter redoubled their efforts to place Janice. Success. One family told me, «That’s our dog,» after reading Janice’s narrative.

Janice was enamored from the start.In the shelter’s opinion, Janice had a valid cause for lingering. After a lengthy wait, she was finally blessed with the perfect family.

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