An Egyptian guy determined to do all he could to save a tiny one-eyed cat from the streets of Cairo

This cat’s name is Minnie. She was a stray cat living on the streets of Cairo since her other eye was still developing (Egypt). Fortunately, Cairo resident David was there to save the kitten, who was in a poor way.

It was up to Minnie to manage things on her own.

To save his pet, David rushed to the rescue. An animal rescue organization was called upon to save him and the kitten.

David brought the cat to him and cared for her while the relocation was being finalized.

In a short amount of time, the kitten underwent a tremendous transformation. After a 15-hour journey, Minnie the kitten arrived on May 31.

A charity worker describes her as «such a wonderful and gorgeous kitty.»

Aside from that, she simply wants to be taken care of. She’s already accustomed to our presence after just a few days.

Since then, he is actively looking for a new place to call home in the neighborhood. Fortunately, the story has a pleasant conclusion. Thank you to the kindhearted stranger who came to Minnie’s aid.

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