An annual lemonade sale organized by a nine-year-old boy in his community raises money for his local animal sanctuary

This young man made a conscious decision to make life a little easier for the rescued felines at the sanctuary near his home and to aid in the adoption of the sanctuary’s more elderly residents.

After a trip to the nearby sanctuary with his grandmother, Benjamin was motivated to establish the event.

Benjamin, who has a soft spot for animals, observed that several of the cats at the shelter were missing their usual playthings. Thus, he made the decision to pitch in and provide a hand.

While he was only seven years old, Benjamin built and sold his most memorable lemonade stand and cups.

He was thrilled to have raised $200 and anxious to assist. He made a generous donation to the refuge right away.

A $1,000 objective has been established for Benjamin this year.  Because his family had made the decision to become public, he followed suit.

The area was set up for a fundraiser, during which baked chocolate chip cookies and two excellent variations of lemonade were given.

They also provided snacks for the street animals who stopped by.

Benjamin and his family were floored by the outpouring of kindness and concern from the people in their neighborhood.

A large crowd gathered up after hearing about Benjamin’s appearance on the radio.

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