An angry man showed up when he learned a dog was locked inside a birdcage

A puppy was discovered by the staff of the Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter hiding in a birdcage. It was just ridiculous. Do you really think that?

They didn’t know for sure, but they knew they had to take some kind of action. The search and rescue team traveled by car to the designated spot. Responders pulled over in front of the dilapidated house and ascended the driveway.

A massive blue birdcage stood in the backyard. Fearful and frantic, the dog in the cage tried to escape. When others came to help, she seemed relieved, as if she realized it was her time to go.

No one replies when one of the guys knocks on the door. He moves closer to the pet dog.

Her open birdcage makes her an easy target for kidnapping. He snatched her up after releasing the lock on the bird enclosure. In terms of size, she is not very impressive.

This infant of a month! This abomination had a pet dog. All Mini wants is a great forever home where she will be cherished and cared for.

Mini was saved, and then placed in a foster family. She is taken away from harm and placed in a safe, loving household. It’s heartwarming that they were able to save the animals, but unfortunately, animal abuse is a worldwide problem.

Immediately report anything that seems suspicious. If you describe the situation to local authorities, they may be able to help. The prospects for Mini are really exciting to us. Her prospects are excellent.

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