An amazing photo of a weasel cub flying through the air on the back of a bird has been making the rounds online

Not a painting at all, but rather a creation of the human mind. Rather of being a Photoshopped image, this is the most lifelike possible example.

This photograph shows a weasel perched on top of a real woodpecker. This shot was taken by a hobbyist photographer from England.

The stakes have been lowered dramatically, with any of our characters now being fair game for another.This time, though, something was different, and the bird actually transported the animal out of the nest.

The photographer claims he was planning to show his partner the bird that day, so he had the camera ready to shoot as they strolled.

Suddenly, the woodpecker landed no more than 20 meters away from them. The grass-dwelling weasel fled, but the woodpecker continued his drilling.

It makes us question if we’ll ever get another chance to see such a rare and extraordinary event, much alone record it on video.

Your thoughts on these images? Amazing, right? Aminals will always discover new and creative ways to surprise us with their adorable antics.

The wit and originality of each one is astounding. Your thoughts?

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