An adopted child’s touching bond with his dog made headlines across the world

As soon as Martin, the young man the dog’s owner had adopted, stepped inside, the canine’s mood brightened.

Both the baby and the dog were 10 months old when they first met, and their bond has flourished ever since.

As they matured, they continued to do activities together, such as celebrate holidays, try out new hobbies, and even get into some mischief.

Martin and Viking have known one other for so long that they are like brothers and enjoy spending time together.

Despite their daily encounters, both the dog and the child look forward to their first morning together.

Both felt an immediate attraction to one another. It seems that Viking understood that having a furry friend in his foster household would help Martin feel more at ease.

Their friendship makes me feel good, the woman explains. The Lewis family is overjoyed to welcome a newborn daughter.

The girl brought another dog inside, making a total of two dogs in the house, one older than she was and the other younger.

Cute dogs and their tiny friends’ life may be followed on social media.

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