Amor, the dog daringly and affectionately rescued a young deer from the water

Amor, Manuel’s dog from Virginia, had mysteriously gone. He was being hunted in every possible location. He appeared out of nowhere in the midst of a lake, as if by some kind of miracle.

The fawn had no idea how it got into the water.

The courageous dog’s owner knew how kind and compassionate Amor was; he cared for everyone, even animals, and is now a hero as a result of his bravery and good nature.

Amor was leading the deer to the water’s edge.

Manuel made his way to the brink of the cliff to save the animals. He rescued the fawn from the water and set him down on the green grass to dry.

Soon after, the fawn’s mother arrived. So that he could go home with his dog, Manuel left the mother and kid alone. He watched as the mother deer and her baby waved goodbye to them as Manuel stood some distance away.

As the dog approached, the fawn and dog came nose-to-nose.

The scenario was extremely touching. The fawn had clearly shown a desire to return to see his hero. Manuel and his dog were both back.The mother and her kid departed in the late afternoon.

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