Amazing as it may seem, such things do occur. A chicken at the farm tucked a snake inside its warm wing

It’s not uncommon for the leader to feel uneasy when confronted with an unusual situation, such as finding a snake in the hen house.

Amazingly, the chicken and the snake ended up becoming friends, and the padded lady doesn’t seem to mind her new neighbor at all.

Although this wasn’t the snake’s first visit to the chicken coop, its conversations with the chickens were rather intriguing.

The small girl’s name was Sarah, and her parents had already become aware of the snake’s existence.

It turned out that she was really ahead of the game there.

When the snake, who lives in a rusty old car near the chicken coop, tries to steal an egg, it sporadically scares away all the nearby hunters and bugs, so the two groups work together.

The snake was so beloved by Sarah’s family that her dad gave it the affectionate moniker «a friend.» He said the snake has no intention of harming the hens but is nonetheless effective in keeping rats away.

These kinds of friendships are quite unusual in the creature world, yet they end up being rather successful.

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