Amazing and bizarre animal information. Let’s go on an adventure to discover the fascinating creatures that call our planet home

Can you tell me about the natural world with which you are familiar? Some of the characteristics of animals might really take you by surprise.

In zoos with mirrors, pink flamingos, for example, are more likely to engage in mirror-based recreation. This, along with other other creature characteristics, is something we cover in the reading.

Crows socialize with bugs that live underground:

Analysis shows that crows and a few other bird species intentionally crush and brush against insects, much as people do with shower gel or cleanser.

Sometimes birds may intentionally bump into them with their beaks, or they will literally fall on a swarm of bugs.

They use formic acid to etch away the small «occupants» of their quills, and then they develop new plumage to replace it, thereby ridding themselves of the parasites.

But that’s doubtful; the fact is that even crows can do it, so insects spit on their quills to make them more pliable. The cutest reindeer ever:Interestingly, reindeer have the ability to alter the color of their eyes.

The only thing left to do in this regard throughout the different seasons is to control the amount of light entering the eyes. In consequence, for instance, in the summer their eyes will be bright and in the winter they will be dull blue.

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