All the cute dogs roaming about at London Pride are tough to ignore

This year was the 50th anniversary of London Pride, and more than a million people attended, many of them accompanied by their pets.

They show up in full rainbow garb to communicate their annoyance and joy, respectively, without sacrificing any of their cuteness.

Activists, politicians, motorcyclists, and whatever else may be interested in attending have converged on the nation’s capital for the most memorable Pride since the pandemic.

Dog show goers at Bristol Pride should take heed as well, since there were an unusually high number of blatant stares in their way.

Even though this year is the Golden Anniversary of Pride, he emphasized the importance of never stopping the fight for equality.

The previous day in Oslo, two individuals were killed in an assault on a motorcade.

He went on to say that many individuals are rallying for a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Something we believe these canines would agree with completely. Even the dogs were having a good time, what with their constant smiles and games of fetch.

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