After the Golden Retriever was diagnosed with diabetes, he was given a «lead dog»

Is the word «lead dog» familiar to you? A Cocker Spaniel who was going blind needed a guiding dog.

Charlie was a relative newbie to the Stipe home for a period of time. Chelsea and Adam’s handling of him was nothing short of kind.

It’s safe to say that his owners did all they could to make sure he had everything he needed, including plenty of food.

For long time, Chelsea and her husband had discussed the possibility of obtaining a second dog for Charlie in order to alleviate his loneliness.

Soon after, the family had a visit from Maverick, a four-month-old dog. It wasn’t long before Charlie got used to the idea that he had a new member of the family.

After a lengthy period of time, there was nothing unique about their canines. Maverick, Charlie’s closest buddy, volunteered to help him out in any way he could.

At first glance, it seemed like Maverick was doing all in his power to keep Charlie from playing with his new toy. But in a great way, they are both a bit off of the norm.

With the help of Maverick, Charlie’s blind dog, his life became more fascinating and pleasurable. After releasing their story, the Stipes received over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Everyone in the room was moved by the narrative of this unique relationship. Every time we encounter one of these gorgeous creatures, we are reminded how unique we all are. Watch the video below to learn more about these two lovely dogs.

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