After spending hundreds of dollars on it, the volleyball player hasn’t seen that model in 15 years

For ten years, the great Italian volley-ball player dated a prominent fashion model. Over the course of a decade, the athlete spent 700,000 euros on his fiancée, but the relationship ultimately failed.

At age 42, Roberto Cazzaniga had long since passed his prime as a professional athlete. After earning gold for Italy at the 2009 Mediterranean Championship, he was demoted from a higher level team.

The athlete, though, had a solid financial foundation. Then he began chatting with the Brazilian supermodel Maya online. With the speed of a storm, the internet romance developed.

Roberto was so smitten by the beauty of the girl that he instantly initiated a sexual encounter in his mind.In one year, he even gifted her a car for her birthday.

He felt helpless since he couldn’t remedy the issue and because the model said she couldn’t see him in person because of a congenital heart defect.

For 15 years, Roberto borrowed money in the hopes that he might pay for Maya’s costly medical operations.

But he quickly found out that there was no such thing as a standard operating procedure.

His long-standing partnership with Valeria, a native of Sardinia, spans decades. As stationery, she simply utilized Alessandra Ambrosio’s Instagram photos.

We’re talking about seven hundred thousand dollars here. A broken and broken-down Roberto remarked, «I am wrecked and morally destroyed.»

The athlete eventually went to the authorities for help. Probabilities of spotting the scam artist are slim.

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