After spending 14 years at a shelter, a woman decides to adopt a dog who is now 19 years old

They all seek a loving family to take them in. It might take much longer for certain pets. People may spend decades in shelters.

After 14 years in the Friends of Strays shelter, Stewart the dog became 19 years old. It seemed like he would never leave.

At the office, nobody was interested in taking in the 19-year-old dog. However, former shelter employee Emily Wozniak strongly disagreed.

Repo’s Rescue creator Natalie Snyder responded to Stewart’s remarks on the Internet. Natalie adopted Stewart so he could have a forever home with her and her husband.

A 19-year-old dog in need of a home is adopted by a kind lady.However, she soon found herself at an impasse. Stuart was told no by the shelter since he was a permanent resident.

She complained on TikTok that she would have to go a long distance to see Stuart, but all she received in response was «No. His shack is just a stopgap.

A substantial chunk of the audience agreed with Natalie’s point of view. Stuart was allowed to stay in Natalie’s safe house.

The refuge became Stuart’s new normal, although it was never intended to be his permanent residence. He enjoyed his independence. Stuart has finally found his permanent home complete with a secure fence and a comfy bed.

Natalie promises she will always love and support Stuart.

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