After hearing that some brave souls had saved a donkey, he smiles broadly and thanks them

A town in Ireland was completely obliterated by water. Due to his position in the middle of the sea, the donkey Mars could not escape on his own.

Volunteers acted like real-life superheroes by remaining with the donkey when its owner asked for help.

They swam a boat to Mars and figured out how to get him up there. The happy donkey spoke highly of his role models.

Minutes after his rescue, human rights advocates snapped a photo of a gleaming Mars posing with his rescuers.

Over 30,000 people «liked» the post where volunteers spoke about the mission to aid Mars very rapidly.

At the moment, Mars is in excellent spirits. Our vet checked him up and offered some recommendations for care. written by human rights activists and allies.

The specialist maintains that after some downtime, Mars will be back to normal. In response to the many encouraging words, volunteers responded, «We appreciate every second of saving Mars.»

We’re relieved that the sweet animal is in the company of folks who will look after for him no matter what happens. To conquer the world, we need just be kind.

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