After being separated for some time, a cat that had been stealing dog food from a garage eventually reunited with its owner

Animals used to a more sheltered lifestyle have a much harder time surviving in the wild. But a once-domesticated but now-wild huge cat not only lived, but also kept its weight steady at 9 kg.

In 2007, he shot to fame on the web.

It was discovered that he broke into a woman’s garage and took some dog food. And presumably he did for the whole of the six months he was homeless.

He was eventually apprehended. He was dangling food from his teeth when he was pulled from a dog hole. The homeowner contacted a rescue group to get the man out of the ditch and transport him to safety.

On the left, a 9-kilogram behemoth; on the right, a considerably more typical-sized kitten.

The head of the charity that saved the cat, Barbara, said that they don’t often see animals of that size. Strangely, this tale has gotten a lot of attention in Portland, and nobody can explain why.

There was no mistaking Goliath for anybody else when his owner viewed the news report that night. The following day, he returned to the shelter with photographic evidence that the cat was his.

After the cat’s owner showed up, the workers learned that Hercules was the feline’s true name. The group also found out what led to his homelessness.

The cat’s owner had gone to Canada six months before for surgery. Hercules, meanwhile, escaped from his home-care nurse.

They eventually became friends, and Goliath stopped stealing food.

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