After being separated for eight years, a dog instinctively returns to his master

The trouble began when the guy went inside and abandoned his two dogs in the yard.

After a sleepless night of searching, the guy learnt from his neighbors that his dogs had entered a nearby sheep pasture belonging to a farmer acquaintance.

The man’s family had been seeking for their dog for months, displaying posters and even offered a prize.

With each passing day, his chances of finding the dog diminished.

The owner was contacted eight years after his dog went missing to tell him that a dog matching his description had been located.

The guy departed right away. He spent four hours on the road looking for his missing pal. It was his beloved puppy, so the lengthy trip had not been in vain.

After what seemed like an eternity, the dog finally made his way up to the guy and started licking his face.

The dog slept next to his master the first night, not wanting to be apart from him for even a moment. He will need a lot of time to become well.

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