A year after purchasing an old garage, what did the new owner decide to do with it?

Considering that none else produces it anymore, Mark Twain advocated 120 years ago that all capital be placed in land.

In reality, all Martha Nowitzki could afford to purchase with her funds was an old garage, although in a nice neighborhood.

Though many of her friends and acquaintances were unconvinced by her choice, Martha was confident in her strategy and, in less than a year, had transformed the garage into a spacious home (126 square meters) that belied its modest exterior.

Martha just purchased a parking space in the trendy London neighborhood of Dalston.

It’s no secret that the price of housing in this area is through the roof, so the lady was relieved to learn that she could afford a garage in addition to her apartment.

On top of that, Martha is a famous architect. She had a clear plan from the get-go for adapting the structure to her requirements.

The garage’s exterior has little modification. Martha was adamant about retaining the original look. An architect has replaced the gates with a «hidden» entryway that disappears into the wall.

Because of the confines of the area, the lady could only go vertical. Even yet, the home nevertheless had the look of a standard two-story structure.

After digging down a level, nothing but the windows remained above ground. There is a laundry room and a sitting area with a wood fire on the main level.

Some of the higher stories’ flooring, like the uppermost level’s ceiling, include see-through inserts. This adds to the illusion of spaciousness in the space. Also, Martha avoided building too many barriers or divisions when she could.

Once the fixes were done, the architect gave a quick tour of the home. Martha fit a 126-square-foot home into a space approximately 46 meters long.Even her visiting friends had trouble understanding what transpired.

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