A woman makes the right choice by putting her pets first and calling off the wedding

Everything was unfolding just how Vicky Martin had imagined it would. She loved her two beautiful dogs and her groom equally.

As the wedding day drew near, a shocking discovery abruptly changed the course of events.

That Vicky saw unusual changes in her animals’ bodies is without doubt. Experts in animal care were stumped as to where they came from.

The girl’s worries about her future husband were heightened when she saw that the neighborhood dogs were starting to avoid him.

The girl decided to put up a camera in the family room to help her deal with her anxiety. Vicky watched the video and was stunned by what she saw.

In the clip, her potential hubby is seen abusing the dog. A few seconds into the movie, the lady stated, «My love for this guy evaporated.»

The wedding was called off due to the bride’s cancellation. It was the girl who first posted the footage on the internet. She also provided the police with a written statement.

The application was looked at by authorities, but the results were kept secret.

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