A stray dog that was left behind is pursuing police and pleading for his life

The dog was thrilled and relieved to be rescued by two police officers after being found wandering the streets.

They were patrolling the streets of Los Angeles when they came upon a little puppy.

He had no one to care after him when he was abandoned on the street. Seeing two police officers gave the dog hope that they might save him. He kept up with them in a flash.

As soon as the cops saw how adorable the dog was, they decided they couldn’t let go of it.

The dog was immediately taken to the vehicle by them. When he was in the vehicle, he couldn’t stop embracing and gazing lovingly at his rescuers. He has a soft spot in his small heart for these officers.

The dog was taken to the police station for treatment.

They named him Hagart after the place where they initially found him, and he was fed and cared for by them.

Merado had already developed feelings for Hagart, thus it was an easy decision for him.

His primary concern was to ensure the well-being of this little puppy and ensure that he had all he needed.

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