A strange home has a dog that, for reasons that aren’t clear, is able to go inside and end up sleeping with the dog that belongs to the owners

John and Janet did not want to leave the back door ajar, but it happened anyhow. In the evening, the owner took their dog for a walk of around 2 kilometers.

The dogs belonged to John and Julie, therefore their owners had to move them out of the way so that their guest could enter the home.

In a recent article on her blog, Janet referred to the fact that one of our dogs often sleeps on our bed as «quite natural.» There is absolutely no explanation for how this dog came to be at our residence.

In spite of the fact that they seldom ever slept on the pads, we nevertheless had the impression that it was ours right from the start!

I attributed it to the haze that was there in the pitch. Couldn’t we manage it if we worked together?

After making its rounds around the community, the information was ultimately sent to Nala’s rightful owner, Cris Hawkins.

In all, the woman and her significant other share a bed with three dogs.

As the light started to set, the family realized what had happened when they saw their dog was gone.

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