A single mother in Uganda is a true hero for taking care of her family of 38 kids by herself

This mother is parenting her 38 kids by herself.

The majority of mothers with many children feel overwhelmed and frustrated since they do not have enough time for themselves. This strong mother of 38 has a heart so big and full that she never complains about her lot in life.

It’s astonishing that woman had to raise 38 kids on her alone. The woman claims that her parents forced her into an arranged marriage when she was only 13 years old.

The husband and daughter have a 27-year age gap.

Having a big family was the man’s top priority. The couple’s initial excitement at the birth of their twins soon gave way to a determination to expand their family.

They rushed to the hospital after she gave birth to her 23rd child, and doctors there said she had had a true, considerable increase in the performance of her ovaries.

If that number seems impossible, they had 38 kids.

The lady feels no remorse for her actions up to the time when her husband abandons her and their children and she is left to raise them on her own.

Despite being heartbroken and saddened, the strong mother is trying to do all she can for her kids.

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