A shaky creature sat on a block of ice. When the fisherman found what kind of animal it was, they were shocked

A creature sat motionless on the ice. The little fox was saved when a fishing boat passing by came to its rescue.

It was clear that everyone’s attention was focused on the creature sitting in a circle on the ice, which was ready to fall.

This was hardly a surprise to the fisherman, as they were solely interested in catching fish.

Later, the boat’s crew said that they weren’t immediately able to determine exactly what type of little dot was moving on the ice floe, but they nevertheless went closer to explore nonetheless.

The ice floor was home to a fox cub, a polar fox. It wasn’t long before rescuers started working to save the polar bear.

With their hands, they tried to lift him off the ice, but he was afraid and resisted.

A plastic tray was then used to hold the animal. He was lavished with a bounty of delectable food, which he devoured with ravenous gusto.

After spending two days in the harbor, the cub was released back into the wild.We also expect that he would become more attentive in the future. The animal seems to be in good health.

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