A sea lion takes a guest’s lounge chair after he’s had a dip in the hotel pool

On the Galápagos Islands, the Inn Solymar is a lovely hideaway located on the banks of Puerto Ayora. It’s a blessing for tourists to have access to a wide range of amenities, but there’s a catch.

Wemond, a wild ocean lion that lives in the area, is often the one to kick things off.

Sea lions are sociable animals that can form large groups both on land and at sea. Grey-white to almost black, with the bulk of them being light to dark brown, they have a wide range of colors.

Sea lions come in six distinct varieties.

The Inn Solymar in Puerto Ayora, one of the Galápagos Islands, provides a comfortable haven for visitors. Visitors have access to a wide range of amenities, but there is one twist.

There is a neighboring ocean lion, Wemond, that constantly dominates the others.

«She’s our one-of-a-kind tourist,» said the innkeeper.

Even while Wemond seems to be tranquil when she’s at the inn, her visits are few and far between.

Whenever Wemond returns to the accommodation grounds after spending her days swimming out in the open ocean, she is known to relax in the hotel pool and take a nap in her favorite parlor chair.

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