A Russian military working dog that had been discarded by its owner was recovered by the Ukrainian army and finally joined the troops of Ukraine in battle

Over the course of the last several months, the crisis in Ukraine has continued to worsen, and hundreds of people have taken up arms to defend their motherland.

It cannot be denied that the animals have been of significant assistance during this whole procedure.

A significant number of them have been assisting the Ukrainian army in its efforts to save the lives of a large number of civilians and to lift the spirits of their fellow people in order to achieve these goals.

A former companion dog of Russian soldiers who was rescued by Ukrainian troops and has since «changed his side» has managed to attract the attention of thousands of people all over the world amidst everything that happens daily in the Ukraine.

This new recruit is perhaps the most unexpected of all that has managed to do so.

This is Max, a Russian service dog who is four years old and has been with the Russian troops from the very beginning.

The animal was captured by Ukrainian military, and it has since been educated to comprehend Ukrainian. It is also an expert at locating booby traps and unexploded explosives thanks to its training.

The fact of the matter is that the soldiers were taken aback when they saw the animal being left to fend for itself; not only did they consider it to be an act of inhumanity, but they also believe that war dogs are valuable because they are already perfectly trained and, as is customary, have a strong bond with their handlers.

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