A remarkable woman takes in a 19-year-old dog who has been at a shelter for the last 14 years

To have a permanent, loving home is one of a dog’s deepest desires. But some canines require more time than others. Many homeless individuals never leave shelters.

For example, Stewie lived at the shelter for a whopping 14 years. The odds were overwhelming that he would spend the rest of his life there.

The whole team had given up hope of finding a new home for the 19-year-old canine. However, a former shelter employee strongly disagreed.

A lady has recently reacted to Stewie’s story on social media by adopting him, ensuring that he will have a forever home with caring people.

However, there was a complication that she had to overcome.

The shelter said Stewie had settled in and made the shelter his permanent home, so they wouldn’t let her adopt him.

Still, she received a lot of encouragement from others who heard her tale. At long last, she was given clearance from the shelter to take Stewie with her.

The most essential thing is that Stewie has a human owner who will love and care for him forever. He also has a bed, a yard to play in, and a bed.

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