A pair of dogs lazed at the fence’s edges as their human companions had a blast at a pool party

Some kind-hearted people let the dogs in, presumably in the hopes that one‘s owners would return to claim them.

One of the dogs also had a name.The two dogs were playing in the yard, but one of them was hesitant to join in at first.

Almost instantly, they were ready to party and began greeting everybody and asking for pets.

The second dog was much more reticent and spent some time around the yard before joining us on the balcony.

The rescued golden retriever, named Stolker, looking like he was having the fun of his life.

At that point, Stolcker’s owner stepped over to him and said that the third dog owned to his door and that they and Stolcker were closest friends.

A few hours later, the dogs were picked up, and the hosts made it clear that they were more than welcome to bring them back whenever they pleased.

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